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Oradell Animal Hospital Doctor Tells Why

I’m thinking of getting a Bulldog puppy but I’ve heard they may have lots of problems as a breed.  Is this true and what are the problems? 

  Bulldogs are a very popular breed because of their cute, wrinkly faces and generally pleasant demeanor and temperament.  However, many people who acquire them don’t realize how high-maintenance this breed can be.  Bulldogs inherently have a unique set of health problems because of their genetic make-up.  For example, the folds and wrinkles might appear endearing but they predispose these dogs to skin infections, especially around the face and tail areas.  Ear infections are also very common in this breed and routine ear and skin fold cleanings are needed to prevent or control infections.  They also tend to have a lot of problems with inflammation and infections of the feet (pododermatitis) which may be related to their predisposition to develop allergic skin disease. 

The shape of their heads and faces causes them to snort, gurgle and snuffle and while this may seem charming to some, it also puts them at higher risk for breathing difficulties and low heat tolerance.  This so-called brachycephalic airway syndrome (B.A.S.) can be severe and may even require surgical correction in certain cases!  As you can imagine, this also puts them at increased risk during general anesthetic episodes.  Bulldogs can be a sociable, enjoyable breed but they definitely require a lot of extra care and maintenance to keep them healthy.

[doctor name = “Jamison DeSantis”]