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Diagnostic Imaging / Radiology Services

Diagnostic Imaging Services available at Oradell Animal Hospital include ultrasound, and ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy procedures, MRI, radiology (x-ray imaging and radiographic contrast studies) and fluoroscopy (moving picture/real time x-ray imaging). Diagnostic imaging services are used by all services of the hospital for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with all types of disease conditions. The staff involved with diagnostic imaging at Oradell includes several full time veterinary technicians, a registered medical sonographer, and experienced veterinarians, board certified internists, surgeons, a cardiologist and a radiologist. Our staff is provided with advanced training and experience in diagnostic imaging. The specialized equipment available at our hospital ensures that accurate, non-invasive, diagnostic imaging is available when your pet needs it. CT scanning is also available to our patients through an arrangement with a near-by outpatient veterinary imaging facility.

Oradell Animal Hospital now has Digital Imaging Technology. This allows us to have the capability of viewing high resolution images to enable us to detect the slightest differences that can not be seen with traditional radiography. The images are stored like any computer file and can be viewed on a computer screen, transmitted electronically, or printed out on paper or transparent film similar to x-ray film. Computer software allows manipulation of the digital images to enhance viewing and diagnostic capabilities.

Digital imaging creates increased efficiency and better diagnostic analysis, and improves timely decisions about patient care.

My veterinarian believes that my pet needs a diagnostic imaging procedure. What should I do?

Most veterinarians perform radiographic (x-ray) imaging at their facilities. In some situations your veterinarian may choose to refer you to Oradell to take advantage of our advanced imaging services. You and your pet will first be referred to an individual veterinarian at Oradell to ensure the safest and most cost effective imaging procedures are performed specific to your pet’s individual situation and needs. Your primary veterinarian at Oradell will continue your pet’s diagnostic evaluation, supervise the diagnostic procedures, and communicate the results to you and your family veterinarian.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Doctors in Diagnostic Imaging / Radiology Services

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