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Hospice & Palliative Care Services

CARES TEAMOur Services:
Comprehensive Consultation: (history, ICP) –Call the Oradell Animal Hospital to schedule an initial CARES consultation when you have decided that home care, psychosocial support, and/or palliative medical expertise appears to be a good option for you and your pet. During this important hour, we will extensively scrutinize your pet’s medical status and past medical history. A physical examination of your pet and answers to a thorough questionnaire will help establish your needs and goals for comfort, as well as a plan for end of life care. Each patient is treated as an individual; no case is the same. Some pets spend the rest of their days with regular follow-up in their home; some retain the services of our in-home CARES technicians but then schedule follow-up evaluations with their doctor at the hospital, or some choose to only use our end of life services.
A final report will be drafted for you that includes a description of your pet’s illness and a detailed medical plan describing ways to control pain, maintain hydration, and meet your pet’s nutritional, rehabilitation, and medical needs.

In-Home Nursing Care: – Our CARES nursing team is a highly skilled group made up of technical support staff that work in various departments of the hospital. These staff members are specifically trained in hospice and palliative care medicine. Once your pet is enrolled in the program, a team led by a credentialed technician and an assistant will be available for you. This CARES team will do home visits providing you with services based on the individual needs of your pet. Along with any needed medical services, they will do an overall assessment of your pet’s condition (taking vital signs and asking questions about their daily activities). Pain scales and Quality of Life scales are tools they will use along with you in order to continuously re-assess your pet’s needs. Your CARES team is there to help discuss any needs you or your pet may have and they update the doctor after each visit.

Treatments/Services: -Our program offers a wide variety of home treatment services for your particular pet’s needs. We offer in-home wound care, we can administer injectable and oral medications, manage your pet’s personal nutrition, provide education and information based on your pet’s condition and maintain husbandry. We also have the ability to offer in-home laser therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and rehabilitation services to help pets in need of ambulatory assistance and pain management. Our well trained staff can perform and educate you on the different treatment services that will most benefit your pet and how these treatments will keep your pet as comfortable as possible with the comfort of being in their own homes.

CARES Phone Line: – We offer a private cares phone line that is a direct connection to our trained staff. One of our technicians will have the phone with them and be available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or concerns about your pet’s disease and comfort. The direct line allows you to speak to a technician who is educated on your pet’s case and on the CARES program. If a true emergency does arise we will direct you to bring your pet into the hospital immediately.

End of Life Services: – Oradell Animal Hospital offers in-home euthanasia services to anyone who has chosen the OAH CARES program for the pet’s palliative needs. Our services include in-home euthanasia, transport of the pet back to the hospital, and referral for third party crematory services for private cremation (when the ashes of your pet are returned to you). In-home euthanasia services are a peaceful and safe way to allow your pet to continue it’s journey, while eliminating the stress of being in the hospital. Please note that the CARES End of Life services program is not intended to perform emergency house calls or emergency euthanasia. If you feel your pet is in distress, it is best to proceed directly to the Oradell Animal Hospital Emergency service, which is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Psychological Support: – It is understandably a difficult time when your pet is ill. Along with your pet’s medical support, OAH provides bereavement sessions with certified social worker Susan Stone, She peacefully offers ways with which to deal with the stress and heartache of coping with a sick pet or dealing with the loss of a pet.

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