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Internal Medicine

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The Department of Internal Medicine consists of three board certified internists and a specialized technical support staff.

Diagnostic services include:

  • Ultrasonography
  • Endoscopic examinations of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, the urinary tract and the nasal passages
  • Biopsies

Therapeutic services include:

  • Chemotherapy for selected tumors
  • Radioactive iodine treatment for cats with hyperthyroidism
  • Intravenous nutrition for animals too ill to eat
  • Treatments for Cushing’s disease
  • Treatments for Addison’s disease
  • Canine hypothyroidism
  • Diabetic Stabilization

Our internists integrate their care with neurology, oncology, cardiology, surgery, and the critical care unit to function as a team in order to provide the best possible medical and surgical care to all of our patients.

Doctors in Internal Medicine

[doctor name=”Mary Crawford”]
[doctor name=”Dara Zerrenner” align=”right”]
[doctor name=”Laura Sartor”]
[doctor name=”Deborah Hall” align=”right”]