Listing of our Veterinarians


[doctor name=”Anthony Palminteri” hide=1 role=1]
[doctor name=”William Stockman” hide=1 role=1]
[doctor name=”Paul Gambardella” hide=1 role=1]
[doctor name=”John DeVries” hide=1 role=1]
[staff name=”Alison Maglio” hide=1 letters=0 role=1]
[staff name=”Nancy Miles” hide=1 role=1]
[staff name=”Christine Banks” hide=1 role=1]
[staff name=”Heidi Petri” hide=1 role=1]
[staff name=”Lisa” hide=1 letters=0 role=1]



[doctor name=”Tracy Kroll” hide=1 role=1]


[doctor name=”Donald Schrope” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Elizabeth Cole” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Jennifer Mulz” hide=1]

Emergency Medicine/Critical Care

[doctor name=”Kristi Gannon” hide=1 role=1]
[doctor name=”Anne Brodsky” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Donna Bucciarelli” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Yonaira Cortes” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Megan Julian” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Tanya Karlecke” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Erica Swanke” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Carey Hemmelgarn” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Steven Berkowitz” hide=1]
[doctor name=”KimMi Whitehead” hide=1]
[doctor name= “Emily Cottam” hide = 1]
[doctor name=”Andrea Brodeur” hide=1]

Internal Medicine

[doctor name=”Mary Crawford” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Laura Sartor” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Dara Zerrenner” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Deborah Hall” hide=1]


[doctor name=”Michaela Esteban” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Kerry Bailey” hide=1]


[doctor name=”Laura Eirmann” hide=1 role=1]


[doctor name=”Dennis Bailey” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Stephen Brenn” hide=1]

Ophthalmology (Consultants)

[doctor name=”Michael Brown” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Brad Holmberg” hide=1]


[doctor name=”Justin Goggin” hide=1]


[doctor name=”Carol Carberry” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Arthur Fettig” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Jonathan Miller” hide=1]

GENERAL PRACTICE (Special Interest)

[doctor name=”Rita Angelo” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Hannah Byrd” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Frank Boren” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Laura Bucklan” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Elizabeth Dombrowski” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Erica Faulhaber” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Jamison DeSantis” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Joseph DeSanto” hide=1]
[doctor name=”John DeVries” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Jaclyn Holdsworth” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Laura Eirmann” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Ania Keo” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Trish Kirby” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Sandy LaBuda” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Kim Langlois Levesque” hide=1]
[doctor name=”June Hacker-Traiger” hide=1]
[doctor name=”John Lucy” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Megan Julian” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Ross Koenig” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Matthew Ottoson” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Tracy Kroll” hide=1]
[doctor name=”William Lucker” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Julianne Porter” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Reena Shah” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Sandra Simko” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Lori Siracuse-Parker” hide=1]
[doctor name=”Heather Troyer” hide=1]

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